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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our soon to be new place

So just got off the phone with our soon to be new landlord. We will be able to move in around April 14th it is really exciting. The space of this new place is twice the size of our apartment now. I cant wait to get everything moved in and set up. Big pluse is that if I want to I can paint! No more bland white walls. When we get all moved in we will have a game night and have a bunch of our friends from the 69th ward come and have lots of fun. It is nice being to plan out our future and not worry to much about it.

I think the terible twos came early for me. Justin love to make a mess, if he can paint with it he will. He loves to just make a mess where ever he goes. Today for lunch I made him mac and cheese and put it in a bowl, he picked at it for a little while then took the whole bowl and dumped all out, it went on his head, the floor, and where ever else that was clean before lunch. He is very independent. He has to do everything on his own take his clothes off on his own, he has to pick out his own clothes, get in his high chair by himself, and climb the stairs by himself. Well with this independentcy that he has gives him lots of bumps and bruses, last night he was with Troy at the school library he just had to go up the stairs on his own. Well he slipped and hit his head right on the bridge of his nose and now it looks like I beat my child. He has a nice size goose egg right in between his eyes. Oh the joys of motherhood. What am I going to do with this little man?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Oh how i do not like teething! Justin gets a runny nose and he gets very cranky. He is getting three teeth right now. Two molars and a front tooth. He is always winning to me, he has been this way for about 3 weeks. I feel like I can't take it for much longer. I have tried everything to help him teething tablets, orajel, ice cream, pop sicals, Tylenol, and ibuprofen. Nothing seems to work. I am on my last strand of sanity. I wish I had a way to help him be happy. I feel like I can't do much for him he always want to go out and play but me still recovering from phenomena, so I can't go out and let him play. Oh how I wished it was summer so I could let him play all he wanted. If you have any ideas of how to help my son with his new teeth let me know.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copy Cat

So we have the cutest pet in the world! Our son thinks he is a cat. He loves to be in the window seal and he loves to sleep on the back of the couch. He is a big copy cat, you do something and that automatically gives him rights to do the same thing. I was cutting an apple and giving him some so he would take his piece of apple and his little spoon and atempt to cut the apple. Troy will lay on the floor and be goofy and there is our copy cat right next to him doing the same thing. I guess I shouldn't be suprised he has alwaysed copied us ever since he was born, but he does it more now than ever. We were in Utah getting ready to come home and I was organizing the back of the van while Troy let Justin be in the drivers seat with the keys, little did we know that Justin knew what key went to the van. We also didn't know that he watched us so closely that he knew where to put the key. Watching this made us laugh so hard. He is very curious and willing to copy anything we do.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moveing on

So for the past few weeks I have been searching for places to live and jobs for Troy. Well I found some really nice town homes in rexburg that we will be living at, until Troy gets a better job. It is an interesting time in my life with Troy graduating in less then 2 months! Wow, I honestly thought that this day would never come. Then I have been packing and it is hard packing all your stuff and having no where to put your packed boxes. Any ways I am so happy to be moving on with our life and starting new adventures. We don't know we are going to end up there are a few jobs in boise that we applied for and there are some in salt lake, then there is some in California and Georgia. So we will see. Justin is getting so big he is so independent he has to do things on his own. He picks out his clothes with my help. He cleans up his toys (thank goodness) he is working on eating on his own with silver ware. He loves to help me do my laundry he takes the clothes out of the dryer and puts them in the basket, then I hand him the clothes from the washer and he puts them in the dryer. He also likes to help me vacuum. He will pick up the big pieces that wont get picked up and put them in the trash. His vocabulary is growing as well, although he doesn't talk much around other people and just jabbers he talks to me. He tells me "mama up" or "mama apple sauce" and his newest word is "DON'T!" like when I tell him to do something and he doesn't want to do it. He also uses this when he is playing with other kids and they get to close to him. I think I like him using don't more than I like him telling me no. He also tells me "lub you" then he gives me a kiss. It is sooooo cute I love this age.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun week

Well it has been a fun week so far. Out of all the time s I have been to my moms I have never realized how busy she was. I guess I was too self absorbed, she has a little boy Aden on my he is a hand full! I was sitting in the rocking chair with Justin and Aden hopped up and started rocking us to the point where he tipped us over. It was kind of scary. Justin didn't like it he kept telling him stop and would put his hand in his face. Then we were in the car, we had just fed the ducks and there were geese there. We left and Aden kept saying I fed the geese, I can sound like the geese. After he said that he would make the strangest noise which sounded just like the geese. It was funny. Justin has had lots of fun with little Stephen they are close to the same age and they share really well until it comes to grandma McBride. Stephen comes and sees her every day, Justin is related by blood and they don't like sharing moms or grandmas. Well today is another day in the car, I am trying to keep Justin sleep deprived so he will sleep in the car. Wish us luck. We are so excited to go visit my grandparents and Troys grandparents. I just hope Justin is okay in the car and that it isn't a long ride with lots of winning and screaming.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long day

It has been a long day. I have been traveling from Rexburg to Nampa. Troy drove me to Twin Falls where we met my parents at the mall. Then because Justin was sick of the car we walked around the mall till we found a little play place for kids and Justin had so much fun he loved this little house they had. We finally got back on the road and finally we are in Nampa. Time to relax and unwind.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Steal of a Deal

I love clearance! I went to Walmart and all their clothes are on sale for $9 to $1. It was great I bought like 50 different shirts. It was great it was a shopping spree I have needed for a while. I wish all stores had sales like that every Monday that would be so nice then my wardrobe wouldn't be so blah. I hope that Troy doesn't mind that i bought a few things.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day.

Because today is sunday and it is a holiday my hubby tries to make it special for me, he got up when the baby woke up and got him. Then after that he went and made breakfast for me and brought it to me in bed, how sweet. He got me a nice gift something I have been wanting for a long time, no it wasn't flowers and chocolate. I get that all the other days of the year. He got me the original Pride and Prejudice the three hour one. I was way excited. He is also making me dinner a very yummy dinner General Tao's extra spicy. This is one of my favorite meals he makes it so well! I love it so much better than the store bought kind. When I was pregnant I ate it all the time, so much that Troy was so sick of making it. Well I hope all of you have a great Valentines Day like I have.

Stupid layouts.

So last night my wonderfull husband took me on a date to the new movie Valentines day. So we first arived at the theater parking lot and the rows are not care friendly at all there were very close together. Then we went inside to buy our tickets and we in line that was long and in the way of people trying to go to the arcaid or the bowling ally it was just right in the middle of the room. So after being in that line for like 7 or 8 minuets we found out you can buy tickets at the consessions counter. We went over to the consessions and stood in a shorter line that we thought was moving faster and stood in that line for another 10 minuets by this time I am very frustrated with the stupid people who planed out the layout of this stupid Rexburg theater, which lead me to talk about all the other stupid things in Rexburg, which I will not get into right now. What I think they should have done is put all admisions up frount like Edwards theater and had the layout similar to them. Anyways the movie was funny and my date was nice especially since we had a baby sitter for Justin. I hope all you girls get to go see the movie I think you would like it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The child

So as most of you know at a certain age a child begins to crawl, then on to walking. Well Justin has mastered both of these skills, but unfortunately he has found a new talent... climbing. If you can touch it he will climb it. Yesterday I was making bread I was letting Justin play in the kitchen and while I wasn't looking he moved a kitchen chair and climbed on it then onto the table, I turned around and saw him standing there all proud of himself. I am sure you can imagine how scared I was to see him up there. Well being in this stage and the scare I had yesterday today I was in the bathroom and came back out and little did I know that my child was in the window seal! Yes Justin had climbed onto the couch then stacked all the pillows up and climbed onto the back of the couch and sat in the window. So what am I to do I have blocked off the kitchen and he can't get into the bathroom or the bedrooms but how can I get him not to climb the couch? I officially have my mom gray hairs. Congratulations to me I am a few days closer to being scared to death. To all of those that have gone threw this I understand and I am sorry. To those who have yet to deal with this stage prepare.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The family

Hello bloggers I am trying a new hobby of blogging and letting those who I don't talk to very often catch up on our life. Troy is in his last semester of school and it is a stressful but exciting time in our life. Troy is trying to find a job and spend time with us and doing homework. I wish it was a little eaiser on him. Justin is getting so big he is almost 15 months old. He is walking and talking and very independant he loves doing things on his own. I am doing ok right now i am recovering from having A typical pnemionia, so my house is a little messy and the laundry isn't done and we have no clean dishes but at least I am alive.
Right now we are planing for the next part of our lives. We are looking for a good job, a home to rent or buy, debating weather I should go to school now or later, raising our child hopping for another child. I must admit I would love to move back to Nampa but I have a feeling that we wont be back there for a long time. This economy is so bad we have to go where the money is. I think we will end up in Idaho falls.