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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Less then two weeks

We are so excited to move today was our last day in the 69th ward it was nice. Our new ward is the 13th ward, and it starts at 1020. So much better than 1 am so happy. We are excited we are going to go camping this weekend our first camping trip of the season. I hope we don't freeze I think we will be fine. I think Justin will have so much fun. We went hiking today and he just loved it, he would clime a few feet and then turn around and start running down the hill. He would also sit down and start playing in the dirt. He got so dirty it was so cute. I am excited to just get away from boxes and tv and phones I don't mind the radio we are going to listen to conference while we are playing cards or something at the camp ground. I am hoping we will do a lot of camping this year. I know one trip that we are making is to Mt. Bora Troy and a few others are going to hike it and I will stay back with the baby but that can be fun. I love camping and just getting away from everything having no worries. It will be Justins first camping trip I hope it all goes well. I know this will be just the thing Troy needs to help him get the stress out. I think it always fun to have a medium size group instead of three people. But this will be way fun. I can't wait.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ready to move!

I can not wait to move. Then I wont have to worry about something that is in storage that I would like to have out. I am excited to get my new place all set up. I am excited not to have anyone live above or below us (I am always worried that we are bugging the skiftons) we are loud! I am happy to not have to fight over parking spaces. I am going to miss being so close to all my friends. I can't wait for yard sale season to start. I have so much more space at my new place to decorate. If any one has any good craft prodject ideas let me know that would be so great. Another thing I am way happy about is I will no longer have to go to the gym at the school to work out we have a club house with a small gym.

I have been doing really well with exercising I am no longer counting pounds but I am counting inches. I have lost 1/2 inches in my thighs nothing in my tummy area but it does take time. I am trying to be good and stay on track and I have a new meal plan for when I am not on special K. It has helped to keep me from wanting to eat when I don't need to. I am so glad that I have the magic bullet I make fruit smoothies ever few days and boy are they amazing. I am also making healthier food for Troy and Justin it has been nice. I am making a new cook book of healthy recipes. I love trying new food and let me tell you eating better makes me feel 10 times better than I did. I am hoping that getting in shape and eating healthy will help me get pregnant, we have been trying for a few months and no luck yet. So hopefully this will help.

Justin is in a new stage where he will not take naps. This whole week he would not take a nap I got lucky yesterday and he took a small nap. He goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 630 am you would think that he would want to sleep during the day. Normally when he takes a nap I do also so I really don't like this stage he is in. I miss my naps. it has also been hard on him to have the weather not so good. He loves going out side but with how windy it gets I don't like taking him out. He is going stir crazy staying inside all day. That is another reason I can't wait to move so he has more room to run around, and there is a play place inside the club house. I am just glad that we have play dates that helps him and me. only 15 days till we move out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Orginized or not thinking.

So I am really excited to move I am all ready to go most of our stuff is packed there is only a few things left. In being so excited to move I packed the kitchen, the baby/office room, our bedroom, the bath room, and the pantry. With packing up the pantry I planed out lunch and dinner meals for the next 5 weeks (keeping in mind this was abount three weeks ago). Well with all the food packed up that use to be in our pantry we no longer have food. Hahaha I thought I was oh so orginized and would have the right amount of food and wouldn't have to worry about it. I must have not been thinking. Now all the extra food is in boxes in the back of our storage unit and I can not get to it. Oh well off to the store to get groceries for the next 18 days. I made sure that I have what I need for lunches and dinners, so I am set. What a fun past two months.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting back in shape.

So my newest goal besides moving, is to get back in shape. I have been out of shape for almost two years. That is way to long for me. Now that Justin is running and loves to explore I need to be able to keep up with him. Off to the gym with me!!! I love all those people who are willing to go walking during the day and to go with me to the gym at night. It keeps me motivated to loose weight. My goal weight is to be 135, is that irrational? That was my pre-pregnancy weight. Oh how I would love to be the weight again. Good thing I have all summer and a gym at my complex where we are moving to. YAY!!! I just hope I stay on track. I have also been doing the special K diet, and beleive it or not but it does help you loose 6 lbs in two weeks. You just have to stay faithful to it and it is not that hard. (unless you don't have the money for it that sucks when I can't buy what I want.) Any way for all of you who are wanting to loose weight and get in shape feel free to hook up with me and we can do it together, one pound at a time. I am hoping to be able to buy new clothes by the time I go to school so wish me luck.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Cancer!!!

So yesterday I went in to have surgery on my thumb, they removed a lot of my right thumb. They said what they removed was a inverted wart with abnormal cells, they also said that if they didn't remove the rest of the cells they would grow into cancer. So the scare is over sorry to worry everyone and thank you for all your prayers it means a lot to me. I will hear back in about a week if they got it all if they didn't we will go in yet again. I must say that the procedure was really cool to watch. It was way fun to see what the inside of my thumb looked like. My stitches look really cool.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Grandma Side.

So Justin has been talking so much more lately. Today I was packing up things in the pantry and he was just jabbering away then I went in to the bathroom and he followed me in and started talking he came in saying "a spider bit me." I said what where then he pointed at his nose and then I realized what he had said and asked "where did you learn to say that?" He the answered "Grandma Side" A first I was confused and then asked who grandma side was then he pointed at my moms photograph and my maiden name being McBride I asked "Grandma McBride?" he started nodding his head with a big smile. It makes sence that he cant say McBride so he said Side it was too cute. Oh I love how big is getting. He is so smart it is amazing to me. Seeing him grow makes me want another one so bad. We will just have to wait.

So my surgery is on Wednesday and i am filled with mixed emotions. I am nervous and excited to find out more, I am a little scared considering. I really just want to know all the answers right now. It is hard trying not to think about it. I may say that I am fine and I am but it is hard to know that I have cancer and not know all about it. I do have my days where I break down but there is only so much I can do. Thank you for all the prayers it means a lot to me. I will keep you updated on what happens. I have a strong feeling that it will all be ok. I am a young healthy woman and I will be fine.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is that you?

I don't want to say spring has arrived, because once I do then it will become all cold and snowy again. I am so excited for the sun and the higher temperatures. Justin is so happy to be able to get out of the apartment. I am happy that the snow is melting it makes it easier for moving. I love the sun and now that Justin has been walking for a few months it is so much more fun to watch him outside and see where he likes to explore. He is such a boy he loves getting dirty and loves bugs yesterday we were outside and he saw a bug on the side walk and he crouched down and was pointing at it asking "whats that?" then he kept trying to stomp on it. Then he found some leaves and some pebbles and he had to keep them it was so funny. He is also a dancer he loves country I play music during the day instead of watching TV and he loves to just dance it is so funny I should put a video of him up.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Swimming in puddles

We went out side for a walk, and Justin had fun with a little boy named Nathan and they found a one inch deep puddle. They had so much fun splashing in it. Justin was so wet when we got home. He was so cute and really cold. He loves going out side and playing it beats staying in side all day. I really try to make it fun for him. Well it is warming up here and I am so happy to see the snow go. I hate the cold and can't wait for summer. I love the spring summer and fall months but once winter hits I cant stand it. Justin loves all months I think. He is so funny when ever he wants to go he brings me my boots and then he brings me his boots. It is so cute.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thumb Cancer, Laugh or cry?

So two weeks ago I went in and had what I thought was a wart removed. Once it was removed they sent it to the lab. Yesterday I got a call about what they found. The phone call went a little like this. "Hello?" "Hi is this Lindsey?" "Yes it is." " Are you sitting down?" "No why do I have cancer or something?" Well... um yeah,..." That is the gist of it. Then he went on telling me how what they thought was a wart was a cancer growth and how they were concerened and wanted to cut out more of my thumb. So being in shock I kind of just laughed it off. What I have figgured is that I have two options right now. I could laugh or I could cry, and crying wont do me much good right now since we don't know how bad the cancer is. At first I didn't want anyone to know just so we wouldn't make a big deal of it, but after a while I figured if I tell now when I find out more then I will keep people up dated on what is going on. So pleased do not be to worried right now. I will let you know more when I find out more.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bare walls and children

So because I have been packing as I take something off the wall or shelf I clean where it use to be. Well I was cleaning the walls in the kitchen and when one area was done I moved to the next area so happy that I was getting things done in a timely manner. I turned around to get something and there was my chocolaty little boy painting the wall I had just cleaned, he looked at me and smiled then said "I help you?" I laughed to my self and then went to get the camera, sadly to find out that the camera is dead. Silly me I didn't charge the battery.

So only 36 days till we move. It is nice to be able to pack one room at a time. The bathroom is done and on to the kitchen with the things I don't use as much. Then my food storage. My question is what to do with my food in my fridge and freezer for the five days that we live no where. I guess it is time to invest in some coolers. I would really hate all of this if I wasn't moving to a bigger place, oh the silver lining around the gloomy parts of my days.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potty Training.

So Justin has shown an interest in potty training. He tells me when he is going to poop and when he pees. His Nana got him a training potty chair for Christmas and I am wondering how to start. I want to potty training him but I am in the middle of moving. What do I do any advice?

Monday, March 1, 2010


So we have to be out of our apartment on April 10th. That is not to far away, I am trying to pack things. The thing about packing is finding places for the boxes that are packed. It is kind of stress full and I dont know what to do. I want to get a storage unit till we can move in but I don't know if we will. I wonder how I am going to get my whole apartment packed and cleaned in a month. Oh how this brings back memories of two years ago, when we lived in Nampa and we had much less stuff to pack. I am sure with lots of effort I can do it. Well here is to faith in myself and getting things done by the 9th so all we have to do is clean.