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Friday, April 30, 2010

You cant fight evil with a macaroni duck!

So I feel so stressed about everything. I love my new place I do but since we moved in things have just not worked. First it was our washer which luckliey we got it fixed... then after I washed my close I put them in the dryer like I always do. I went to get the close cause the dryer was done but the close were still wet so I started it again and told troy. After I did this again I told troy the dryer was broken so he took it apart and turns out it was the control pannale that broke. We looked up how much it would cost to fix it and it is around the same amount of buying a new dryer. Then yesterday Troy went to heat something up in our microwave above the stove and when he tried shutting the door it wouldn't shut and wont turn on. So we are using our other microwave which isn;t bad except it is taking up my counter space and I just feel like complaining. Now we are looking for a new dryer and drying our close in the bathroom with the fan on them. I found a dryer that I would love to have but as everyone knows you need to have money to buy things. You just cant fight evil with a macaroni duck!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catching up

So it has been almost two weeks since we moved in and lots of things have gone on. Troy moved his work to be from the Austin building, to being out of our third bedroom. I like this a little more because I see him more and so does Justin. When we first moved in our washer didn't work because the water hoses were leaking we fixed that and now our dryer doesn't work and it is torn apart and all over my up stairs. I hate it. Justins room is finally organized and clean and we transitioned him from crib to a toddler bed and we thought it would be hard but he did really well he loves it. Once the dryer is fixed I will be so much better off. It is amazing how much I took advantage of things. Any ways I take Justin to the park all the time and loves it is not afraid of anything. He loves the swings and the slides he has so much fun. I cant wait till is warm all the time. some times it is just too cold to go out side. well that is all for now. till next time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally moved in!!!

So we were able to move in on wednesday last week we got the keys about 6pm. It took us about three days to move everything from storage. It was so stressfull I would clear a way to walk and then Troy and Luke (Troys cousin) would bring more stuff that I would have to clear it again. Then I was unpacking and it was taking me for ever!!! I started texting my friends that live here in Rexburg. Lucky Luke's sister Olimpia and their cousin Becky came over and helped me so much in the time it took them to unpack 12 boxes it had taken me almost a day. In my defence I have a 1 1/2 year old who doesn't help. But with them helping me it was so nice I loved how Oly told me to do stuff and was bossing me around and she thought it was so funny that I would do it. Now my house looks like a home. I love the space. cant wait till everything is in its place.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Graduation, and moving.

So this year just was able to look for Easter eggs. He had so much fun. We colored eggs on Saturday and we did really well, we ended up with only 3 broken eggs and one cup that spilled. Justin loved it so much. He loved finding the eggs he would point and say "whats that?" we would tell him that it was an egg then he would pick it up and trow it in his basket. Then when we gave him his basket he loved the plastic eggs he would shake them and then open it and dump the candy on the floor. It was way fun.

Justin has a new thing where when ever he sees a movie or a picture of a baby he has to kiss it. It was so cute I was looking at my friends baby pictures and all he did was he would lean forward and kiss the baby then say "sweet baby." then kiss the baby again. It was way cute.

So this is our last week in this apartment. It is a bitter sweet time. I almost have everything packed up. I have been cleaning like mad, Saturday is going to be crazy, our family is meeting here at 820am and we are all going over to the heart building for troys graduation durring that time I hope I can have maybe 4 women of my ward be at our apartment cleaning so then when we get back from graduation we will not have much to do. I think that there won't be much for them to do because I am doing most of the cleaning right now. I am hopping to be done by 3pm so then we can relax durring the day. I only really need the women while we are gone when we get back we will have all our family here to help so I have no doubt that we won't be done by my dead line.