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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stuck in the mud!

Oh what a day... So Troy had to work till 230 when he got off he wanted to go for a drive so off to kelly canyon we go. As most people know driving on a dirt road after it rained is not a good idea. Well off we go up just looking around and boy it was really pretty up there, so as we kept driving it is getting worse and worse, we finally got to this patch on the road where there was tons of mud and snow... so we stopped to contiplate our choises once we decide to turn around and go home we realize that we cant go forward so into reverse it goes as we back up into a little area to turn around so we are all ready to go back down the hill and what do you know there is so much mud that we do nothing but slide and burn rubber. So as Troy pushes and I try despertly to get out of the mud. To no avail but getting us more into the nasty muck. So I have Troy go down the road to look for some help. About an half an hour later he shows up on the back of a four wheeler the guy was so nice he tied a tow rope to the front of the van and started to pull us out. Unfortunally a little four wheeler is no match to pull out a stupid crappy old van. So as we try so hard to get out it just dug us deeper into the mud. After about 45 minuets of trying he finally went to look for someone with a truck so as he is gone for about another 45 minuets troy was working so hard to dig us out. The pour guy looked so worn out. Finally another truck came up the road and helped us out a few minuets later the guy on the four wheeler came back with another truck. So we tied the first truck to the back of the van and pulled us backwards till we were out of the giant whole that our van was stuck in. Then after that they pulled us out back onto the road it was such a great feeling. The whole time i was trying to stay positive. oh the memories that we will have.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lots of plans this summer

So I have lots planned this summer, starting in June I am going down to Nampa with Justin for two weeks! I am so excited. My parents are going to pick us up one weekend and then I will spend the week with my mom and fit in time with my in laws cause it wouldn't be fair if I didn't visit them the whole time I am down there. The next week I will be working, my mom is the girls camp director and has to go to girls camp and needs me to baby sit all the kids that she does normally so that is what I will be doing . The next week. I am so happy because the weekend in between the two weeks Troy is going to come down and visit us so that Justin can be with him on Fathers day. That is June the the weekend after I get home we will be going down to Perry Ut for Troys cousins bridal shower and for the family reunion and 4th of July. Then in Augest Olympia has her wedding the same time of my family reunion up at bare lake so we will got to here wedding and then go to bare lake after, and between all of this we need to fit in a camping trip to Mt. Bora so Troy can hike it. It may not seem a lot when it is said out loud but I think that is a lot of traveling. But it should be fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

from summer back to winter

So I went down to Nampa to visit my family for a week, the weather was so nice I loved it. It got up in the 80s and was so nice Justin was in shorts and sandles and he didn't have to have a jacket on like here in Rexburg. Oh how I miss the sun. When coming home it was like travling threw time back to the winter from nice and green and warm to not. I just wish summer would hurry up and get here. I am sick of always being inside.

Monday, May 10, 2010

so sad.

So Troy and I have been inspired to try for another baby. We have been trying since September and yet to no avail. Then alot of my friends are pregnant and I am so happy for them but so sad for my self. I am going to make an appointment for the dr. to see what is wrong. It is really hard wanting a baby and not being able to get pregnant. I am sorry for all those out there who has also been trying and hadn't had any luck. So I hope all goes well at the dr