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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My vacation

So all is well here in Nampa. Justin has loved seeing his grandparents and his uncles that have been here... that has mainly seen Everett (Kendell lives in Boise, Brian lives in Utah, and Spencer lives in Texas, Joey has been working up at camp morison) Well on the 13th was the day our vacation started my parents came up to Rexburg to pick Justin and I up we then went to bare world and got a big discount because my dad is from Utah and was talking smack about BYU. He loves BSU. So we only had to pay for my mom and I because Justin gets in free and my dad did because of the smack talk. So we drove threw and had lots of fun listening to Justin growl at all the animals. We finally went to the petting zoo and he got to pet a Fawn then he fed a momma dear and chased a bunch of ducklings. We also let him feed the fish which he loved because he could throw little things into the water. Then we went on the curator tour to feed the bears. That was so fun the bears were really stinky if I do say so my self. Justin would pick which bear he wanted to have the food and he would throw the bread on to that bears head he wanted to eat it.

This last week he enjoyed playing with the day care kids and spending time with Grandma side. We didn't do anything but stay home and go to the park but it has been fun watching him. Then over the weekend Justin and I packed up some of our clothes and traveled to Utah with Pam my mother in law for a funeral. ( Troys Grandma died after being on her death bed for almost 8 years) It was nice to see all the aunts and uncles and cousins we had lots of fun talking and just hanging out. Troy finally got a new Phone it is the new Droid Incredible so the whole weekend We were taking turns getting online and looking up things or updating Facebook. One of the best part of the weekend was when about 28 cousins all went to see Toy Story 3 and we all took up 2 and 1/2 rows. The also took 16 of the cousins and loaded them into a 12 person van. That Just made me laugh but I think Toy Story 3 was really cute I loved it.

Now I am back in Nampa babysitting for my mom while she is up at girls camp. It is not that bad I am getting paid for it. My poor mom has had cronic nose bleeds since friday morning she went to the dr. on monday and he shoved a thing that looks like a marshmellow up her nose and hopefully it will have stopped by this Friday when she gets back. It has been nice I thought I would have had more kids than I do. But one mom had the week off so I watched the little girl on Monday then Tuesday no kids but my own, then today I had two all day and one for about two hours and tomorrow I will have three all kids all day then Friday no kids Woo hoo! Friday Troy will be down here working then Saturday should be a fun day and home again home again jiggity jog for a week then off to Utah for a bridal shower. Oh the joys of summer at least it has been warm!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just abunch of nothing.

So not much has happened since we got stuck in the mud. Justin is getting bigger and smarter everyday. Troy is still working for Rick and he is getting closer to releasing a game. Yay! Justin and I will be leaving Sunday for two weeks over to the Boise area, we are so excited! Troy will be visiting us on the weekends so that will be nice. My parents are coming up on Saturday night which will be nice for them to see our new place. I cant wait. Troy and I have also been thinking about getting a little dog for Justin, he loves animals and I think it would be good for him to have a pet. So we are now searching for a nice little puppy that we can adopt. Justin is so cute he doesn't call dogs dogs he calls them gets and It makes me laugh every time he does. It was so nice yesterday the sun was actually came out and Justin had so much fun at the park. I just wish the sun would stay out more often. Oh if only we had summer it would be great.