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Friday, September 17, 2010

A funny movie

Sorry to all of those who enjoy the Twilight saga, but I find it to be annoying. I read the first two books and had no desire to read on. I have seen the movies. My mom and I have made it a tradition to go and see them, we don't just watch them we make fun of them openly. We have so much fun torturing the people in theaters. Last night I must say is one of the funniest ones in my opinion. It made it even more funny with all the boyfriends that were in the audience that obviously didn't want to be there. They would say funny things like "I need to see a man about a horse!"when Jacob as a ware wolf came next to Bella and is as tall as a horse ( what is that all about any way?) That made us laugh. Then as Jacob is running away and Bella yells "Jacob stay!" my mom starts saying "sit boy sit" which made me laugh even harder. OH and have any of you realized how big Robert Pattinsons head is? It is masive! ( and not just because it is on big screen). Now that we have caught up in the Twilight saga we can't wait to see Vampires Suck! I hear it is High-larious!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wait and pray

Well it has been almost a week since we moved out. We left Rexburg around 9pm on Friday night and arrived at my parents in Nampa about 2:30 am We had a long day. The apartment was left spotless (ok not spotless we had to get the carpet cleaned on Tuesday, that is a whole different story). We got our truck unloaded thanks to the help of Troys brother and Troys friend Jim and a family from Troys dads ward. It was nice not to have to worry to much about that. It has taken a little bit longer to get settled in, especially for Justin. Troy and I are in my old bedroom, Justin is on the bottom bunk bed in my younger brothers room. This has been the hardest for Justin is going from one place to a different one that he has to share. He goes to bed and we have to lay down next to him for him to go to sleep, or he will freak out because he doesn't know this place really well. At least he will sleep all night. We still don't have a Job but I know that Troy will be able to find one soon. He went to a job fair today and didn't have any luck it was more on the medical side. But we are looking and aplying. I do beleive he will be going to a temp agentsy later so things are kind of looking up.
Just more waiting and praying.