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Friday, October 8, 2010

lots has happened

So Troy finally got a job. He will be working at HP in Boise, he starts on the 25th the day after my birthday. So he was able to keep his promises to me. We are staying in the Nampa area and he found a job with in a month of moving. Yay! So the pregnancy is going alright, except for the raging hormones! For the past two weeks I have been mad for no reason. And now that it has built up I am starting to have reasons. I have an appointment to get it checked out. Well we are mostly settled in to my parents house. My older brother just moved home from Texas and that has been an interesting change. It has been hard to a just. (Spencer and I havent lived in the same house since I was a senior in high school. And I have only seen him three times since I got married so it weird having him live here.) Well Justin will be getting tubes (finally) on Monday it will be nice to have him feeling better. On November 9th we will find out what we are having, so we are stoked about that. well that is all for now.