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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can't do it any longer!

So I am 38 weeks pregnant and have been in labor for a few weeks. I have tried every thing to try and progress my labor since the Doctors wont do anything till a week from this Thursday. I have tried to be patient, and I must say that Henry is a little to comfortable. I have been only at a 1 and a half centimeters for dilation. I have tried every thing that people have thrown at me and it seem as if nothing is working.

Justin is so sweet tho he takes care of me when he is a wake he is such a cute little kid. He has decided that Henry will be know as Howey which is funny. He is excited for Henry to come. When he gets a cookie he wants one for Henry also, he is so cute that way. I love that he is excited for Henry to come. I am SOOO glad that he knows that Henry is his baby brother instead of a puppy named Two. Well I hope that Henry will be coming next Thursday unless any one has any more ideas of how to help me dilate. Hopefully my next post will be about how big Henry is and how Justin loves him.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe you are already 38 weeks. That is crazy. I will be thinking about you.