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Friday, April 22, 2011


So Henry is now a month old. He has gotten so big. Justin loves having home. I am doing so much better than I had been, after the first two weeks. I am so happy to have my boys I love so much. Henry is such an easy baby he never cries and he coos all the time. Justin is such a great big brother he loves him so much. Troy loves playing with them both it is so fun to watch them all. I was able to take some really fun pictures of Justin and Henry. They are great models.

Well I have past my pre-pregnancy weight of what I was before Henry, and I am only 10 pounds away from being the weight I was when I got married. I am so glad that the way I have been eating has helped and same with chasing Justin around has been great exercise. I haven't felt this good about my self in a long time.

Well Grandma bought a great gift for Justin for Easter he got three new gold fish he loves them! I don't which one is which but I know one of them is named Spike. I think it is really cute. I am loving this adventure so much!

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