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Sunday, July 24, 2011

fun summer

It has been a fun summer, Justin loves going to his grandparents (whether it is Grandmas or Nana) at Grandmas house or as he says "Lisa's house" he loves to swim in the "poo-yo" which is obviously the pool. He loves playing with the day care kids and going to shoot dinosaurs like a little boy would. He is a big help when it comes to Henry, who is getting so big, Justin will get me diapers for him and sing to him and play with him. Henry has lost a lot of his hair like I thought he would from rubbing it out. But he can roll over and he can do the army man crawl he gets farther than you would think he can. He loves to eat his toes and just talk. I love the boys so much.

Troy has been working on a foundry so he can melt down metal so he can make things with it. It has been fun watching him work on it. I have been planting like crazy and gardening. I am planing on ripping up some of my yard and putting cement down and a shed and giving the sod to my parents, for their back yard that my brothers dumb dogs have ruined. but it has been fun to Just let Justin play out side while I read a book and Henry is playing in his bouncer. I am glad it hasn't been to hot this summer so I can enjoy it.

Troy and I looking for a van and hope that we are able to buy one soon. It will be so nice to not have to pack our family into such a small car. Once we get a van we plan on going to Utah to visit family so every one can meet Henry. I can't wait for them to see him. I love him so much and he is the easiest baby in the world he sleeps all night from 8:30pm to about 7:00am Justin on the other hand well he is a hand full but we love him to.